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In the File: Using design sprints to drive annual planning at Stripe

Roadmap planning can feel like a top-down process that’s focused on execution rather than the user problems that need solving. But it doesn’t have to be. How can design reimagine this process, and take a user-centered, story-driven approach? Join Talia and Michie, two designers at Stripe, as they walk through the one-week design sprint that got their team excited about an otherwise tedious process.


In the File: Scaling design across mediums, regions, and platforms

With over 550 global consumer experiences and 46,000 design team members, Kimberly-Clark, the company behind household brands like Kleenex, Scott, and Huggies, needed their design system to work in modern ways. From managing pricing, manufacturing, distribution, merchandising, shelving, sales, to people operations, every step of the process has a digital component to make sure their products get from their mills to neighborhood stores. To do this, the team had to think about tooling, reusability, and agility, all while designing for over 175 countries.

Tune in to learn how the team at Kimberly-Clark set the foundation for global design teams, all while translating design vision into business value.


In the file - Du cauchemar à la beauté organisationnelle : Une plongée dans la structure de fichiers centrée sur l’User Flow de Bonjour RATP.

Concevoir pour une multitude de scénarios dans des applications axées sur la navigation n'est jamais facile ; savoir comment structurer vos fichiers de conception dans un sens logique, pose également d'autres défis. Venez découvrir comment la RATP a utilisé Figma pour l'aider à structurer ses fichiers autour de ses User Flows.

Dans cette session, vous apprendrez :

- Définir des règles pour construire des flux d'utilisateurs comme des pros

- La clarté dans la structure de votre équipe / projet / fichier / page

- Comment équilibrer l'explosion des fichiers avec la découvrabilité


Inside the Minds: Design is just pretty. Demystifying digital design to elevate thinking

Design has shifted in the last decade to mean much more than logos and websites. Skillsets have broadened and teams have grown to meet the ever-increasing demand for seamless digital user journeys. Whether for product purchase or service delivery every organization needs to understand the nuances of digital design to stay competitive.

Tune in to join Steven Cook, Head of UX and Product Design at Metadesign discussing this mindset shift and how you can get teams and leadership buy-in.

We’ll be discussing:

- How to implement the digital transformation of design

- Ways to encourage a cultural shift and ensure its longevity

- Are there different strategies required for brands vs agencies?


Inside the Minds: Design Ops - Unnecessary function or fundamental to success?

Stefanus Sunarja, Design Ops lead at N26, walks us through his perspective on what design ops is, why it is a fundamental part of design success and how we can better understand the function.

We’ll be discussing:

- The challenges Design Operations teams face in the industry today

- How the Design Operations future might look and how we can get there

- How you or your organization can get started with DesignOps


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