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What is a Babymoon?

If you’re an expecting couple, then a romantic vacation (AKA a “babymoon”) with your partner may be what you need. Read on to learn more about babymoons so you and your significant other can decide whether you’ll take a trip prior to the arrival of your new baby!

Babymoon Benefits

A babymoon refers to a final celebratory vacation prior to the arrival of a new baby.  Similar to a honeymoon, it is a chance for the expecting parents to relax and enjoy each other before bringing home a new family member.  Whether you choose a destination or a staycation, a babymoon is a nice way to have a romantic vacation prior to the whirlwind that comes with living with a newborn. 

Babymoons have gained popularity over the recent years, but really, who doesn’t love an excuse to slow down and relax while connecting with your partner?  Kick your feet up, or get some adventure in while you still have energy.  Pregnancy is something to be celebrated, but typically most of the attention is placed on the new arrival.  Allowing yourself time and space to connect with your significant other, dream about the future, and enjoy each other before your family dynamic shifts is what babymoons are all about.

If this is your first baby, a babymoon is a great way to soak in some last precious moments of alone time.  If you already have children, a little getaway to celebrate with each other is just as acceptable. 


The newborn stage can be exhausting on so many levels.  A babymoon is a good time to take a break from the daily grind and preparation stage and let yourself fully relax.  It’s a specific time to slow down and really give yourself time to intentionally rest.  After a few days of resting, you may find a renewed energy to tackle the last few months before the baby arrives.  If you’re an adventurer you may prefer to plan activities during your babymoon.  If you have the energy, that’s a great way to spend your time together.  However, resting in between activities, giving yourself some extra time to sleep in the morning, or just going about your day at a slower pace will still likely be more restful than your normal day-to-day routine.

Quality Time With a Significant Other

Once a new baby arrives, it becomes infinitely harder to carve quality alone time out with a significant other.  Priorities change, family dynamics shift, and tensions can be high.  Your focus and attention will likely shift to the baby and significant others can feel like they are being placed on a back burner.  A babymoon is a wonderful excuse to carve out that 1:1 time with each other and relish the moments of being a couple.  Acknowledge that things will shift and change, but you can still prioritize your relationship with each other.

Romance Your Partner

On the same line as prioritizing quality time with your significant other, romance is something that can take a back burner once a little baby arrives.  A babymoon is a great way to wine and dine with each other.  Lay on a little of the romantic charm and enjoy each other’s company.  Once your baby arrives romance will not be at the forefront of your mind, a babymoon is a great time to fill each other’s love tanks.

Dream and Plan for the Future

Before you know it your life is going to change.  Even if you already have children, dreaming about the future and what your newest addition will bring to the family is a fun way to spend your babymoon.  Share your thoughts, fears, joys, and excitements for what is to come.  Envisioning what you hope for in the future or planning for parenting approaches is easier to do when you have uninterrupted time together.  Let your partner know how they can support you so that you can tackle this new stage of your life on the same playing field.  With a shared vision for the future, you can dive in headfirst and be the best parents possible for your new little one.  A babymoon is a great time to share those dreams and communicate with one another in a relaxed environment.

Return Home Recharged

A babymoon is a great way to fill your cup and return home recharged and ready to take on the home stretch of your pregnancy.  If you have preparations left to tackle you’ll have a renewed sense of energy and commitment to finishing projects before your baby is here.  Slowing down the pace on a babymoon can carry over to life when you return home as well.  Enjoy the moments while your little one is still on the inside and prepare your hearts and home for when they join you officially earth-side.

Best Time to Take a Babymoon

There’s no perfect answer to this, as each pregnancy is different.  You will want to be able to enjoy yourself so choosing a time when you are feeling your best is ideal.  Typically this will be in the second trimester, but there is no hard and fast rule.  

If you’re planning a staycation you’ll likely be close to your doctor and hospital, so planning a babymoon closer to your due date is totally doable.  Perhaps a day trip to a spa, a relaxing massage, a nice dinner out, or an overnight in a luxury hotel.  Staycations can be relaxing and enjoyable as you progress in your pregnancy since you don’t have the stress and discomfort of having to travel.

If you’re planning a destination, the time of year may play a factor as well.  Make sure to check in with your doctor before traveling too close to your due date.  It’s smart to make sure that your health insurance is accepted wherever you are traveling to just in case.  Take any paperwork with you that may be pertinent to your health if you are further along in your pregnancy.  If you’re planning to be adventuring, most women find that the sweet spot for feeling their best and having the most energy is during the second trimester.

Babymoon Destinations

Where you go depends on what kind of vacation you are looking for and what your budget looks like.  However, a babymoon is not necessarily about travel and the destination, but more so about being able to relax and connect with your partner before life gets a little crazier.  You can travel, or stay close to home and still have equally beneficial babymoons.

If you’re looking for a beachside tropical babymoon, research areas to travel to that are free from mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and Malaria. These in particular are especially harmful when pregnant.  Some popular babymoon destinations are Canada, Italy, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, California, and Greece.

If you have somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel, or a destination that you know will be more enjoyable alone than with kids a babymoon is a great excuse to go.  Take travel into mind, if you’re able to book a direct flight that will be ideal.  If you’re not sure that a day of travel will be comfortable for you while pregnant, there are plenty of day trips that can easily be turned into a romantic babymoon.

If you’re planning a staycation you can still splurge on an overnight in a luxury hotel or a spa day while keeping costs low.  Even if it’s just for one night, getting out of your own home will allow you to relax without feeling like you need to be productive or keep up with the ongoing tasks you’ll likely find at home.

Things to Do on a Babymoon

We recommend a babymoon that is relaxing, romantic, restful, and recharging.  Slower-paced activities like massages, beach walks, sleeping in, fine dining, and prenatal yoga classes are all great ideas.  If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your partner you can look for activities like cooking classes, painting classes, museum visits, or outdoor adventures.

Enjoy sleeping in, taking a daytime nap, reading a book by the pool, or putting your feet up while allowing someone else to pamper you.  Splurging on some self-care and allowing yourself to slow down, rest, and relax will help you feel recharged after the babymoon is over.  Some of the simplest activities are what you will miss when you have a little one running laps around you for years to come.  Going into this next phase with a clear head and as relaxed as possible will enable you to power through the hardest home stretch of pregnancy.

Final Word 

Remember, a babymoon is a romantic vacation for you and your partner.  This doesn’t have to be an extravagant vacation, but it certainly can be!  Taking time out for the two of you is something you may not be able to as easily prioritize once your family grows.

Every pregnancy is different and how you are feeling may vary.  If you are feeling well and have the energy to travel your options are endless.  If you’re more comfortable staying close to home there are still unlimited options on how to make a special babymoon.  Make plans to relax, rest, and soak up each other before your family dynamic changes.  Life will be different, but that much sweeter once your little one arrives.


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