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The Best Baby Hand and Footprint Kit of 2023

It may seem a bit daunting (and messy) to create hand and footprints at home. Speaking from personal experience, grabbing those handprints and footprints was a lot easier than I thought it would be when using a special kit. We’ve rounded up a list of the best hand and footprint kits below that will make creating these keepsakes a breeze. 

Best Hand and Footprint Kit:
Best Clay Handprint and Footprint Kit:

Best Baby Hand and Footprint Kits

The Pearhead Frame Kit includes an ink pad and frame for your new prints compared to the Pearhead Ink Pad (includes pad and 2 imprint cards) and ReignDrop Ink Pad (pad only). 

Pearhead Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit

Pearhead Babyprints Wall Mount Frame, Handprint and Footprint Making Kit with Clean-Touch Ink Pad, Gender-Neutral Baby Keepsake Picture Frame, White

The Pearhead Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit is a perfect addition to your little one’s nursery. The best part: no mess from clay, ink, or any other material!

The keepsake frame includes a 4 x 6 photo insert and two openings to display your baby’s handprint and footprint. 

What makes the Pearhead kit unique is the contact-free ink pads. They are a game-changer! Ink will never touch your baby’s skin. Simply press your baby’s hand and foot onto the clean-touch ink pad and print card. 

Pearhead says each clean-touch ink pad can be used twice. Users noted there was enough ink for each hand and foot, plus some mistakes. 

The ink pads are small and suited for newborns only. Let the ink dry for 24 to 48 hours before placing the prints in the frame. The frame’s dimensions are 17 inches wide, 9.5 inches tall, and 0.6 inches deep.

Pearhead Handprint or Footprint “Clean-Touch” Ink Pad

Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint Or Footprint Clean-Touch Ink Pad Kit, No Mess Baby Safe Print Kit, Newborn Keepsake, Black, 2 Impression Cards, Small Size

If you don’t need the frame from the kit above, you can purchase the Pearhead Handprint or Footprint “Clean-Touch” Ink Pad separately! This is a great option if you have a baby book to record special memories and milestones.

You can capture your newborn’s prints without the mess. Make sure the ink is facing down on the included white printed card. Press your baby’s hand or foot firmly onto the clean-touch ink pad. The print will be left on the card without leaving ink on the baby. 

The Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint or Footprint Set includes one no-contact ink pad and two impression cards. There is enough ink to make two prints. Let the ink prints dry for 24 to 48 hours before displaying.

We love that the Pearhead clean-touch ink pad is a safe, simple, and clean way to create precious keepsakes! The Pearhead ink pads come in black, blue, and pink. 

Ink Pad For Baby Footprint and Handprint

Large Clean Touch Ink Pad for Baby Footprint, Handprint, Pet Paw Prints - Safe for Infant Non-Toxic, No Mess Inkless, One Time Use, Long Lasting Keepsakes, Babies Shower Gift Kit (Clean Touch - Black)

If you’d rather keep all of your precious little one’s special memories and keepsakes in a baby book or scrapbook, the Ink Pad For Baby Footprint and Handprint is a must.

It works just like how you’d expect an ink pad to work, but the REIGNDROP ink pad is 100% non-toxic, acid-free, and baby-safe. The ink is gentle enough for delicate newborn skin, and the color washes right off with soap and warm water.

Once the print is made, the ink is smudge-proof upon drying. The REIGNDROP ink pad is wider and has a raised surface to make stamping baby’s hands and feet easier.

Having used the REIGNDROP ink pad multiple times, but most recently to capture my daughter’s hand and footprints when she turned 1 year old, here are some tips that helped me get a clean print:

  • Practice placing baby’s hand and foot on the paper. I was stamping her footprint directly into her baby book. A dry run helped, so I knew exactly where to aim.
  • Either have another adult help hold baby or sit baby in a high chair. I found it was much easier to get baby’s footprint while she was sitting in her high chair so that she wasn’t running around and getting ink on the floors! She also wasn’t able to touch her foot, so her fingers stayed ink-free during the process. 
  • Gently press the ink pad into the hand and/or foot. Do not rub the ink pad on the foot. Dabbing motions work better to get even coverage.
  • Let the ink dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Don’t worry if the ink gets on surfaces. It’s easy to wipe clean. The ink pad also comes in multiple colors!

Best Clay Handprint and Footprint Kits

The Darice and Luna Bean kits are for 3D mold casting kits compared to the other kits that are for imprints only. The LOLLICUBS frame is the largest at 16″x9″ and the KeaBabies Ornament Kit is the largest with a diameter of 4.1″. 

Co Little Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit 

The Co Little Baby Handprint & Footprint Kitmakes a great baby shower or holiday gift for sleep-deprived parents! This kit comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that should help to make these adorable prints a breeze.

The Co Little kits include a wood frame with openings for two photos, an alphabet and date stamp, non-toxic clay, a wood rolling pin, and double-sided tape. 

Co Little recommends kneading the clay for up to 5 minutes to make sure the oils are evenly mixed. Make sure the surface is clean so that dirt and lint are not picked up in the clay.

Then place the kneaded round clay ball into the larger section of the picture frame. Use your palm to spread out the clay evenly, so it fills the entire space, including the corners. You can use the rolling pin to ensure the clay’s surface is smooth. 

When you press baby’s hands and feet into the clay, be sure to leave room for the interior frame divider. The clay must be dry before inserting it into the frame.

The finished product is a modern, gender-neutral keepsake that will complement the decor in your baby’s nursery.

Deluxe Clay Hand Print and Footprint Keepsake Kit 

Luna Bean Baby Handprint & Baby Footprint Kit - Fun & Easy DIY Ornament Baby Keepsake Kit for Baby Boys & Girls, Newborn Gift, New Mom Gifts, First Mothers Day Gifts, Baby Shower Registry, Holiday

The Deluxe Clay Hand Print and Footprint Keepsake Kit is a fool-proof option to capture tiny hands and feet. 

The Proud Baby Kit includes everything you’ll need: 2 packages of soft, non-toxic clay, 2 plastic cutting rings, letter stamps, glaze finish and brush, 2 black plastic display easels, wooden rolling pin, plastic straw hole punch, and four pieces of satin ribbon in pink, blue, red and green. 

Here’s how to make the impressions. First, smooth out the clay with a wooden rolling pin. The surface of the clay should be flat and even, meaning the edges shouldn’t be thinner than the middle. Use the plastic cutting rings to make circles. Reviewers said they had enough clay to make anywhere between 2 and 4 keepsakes, depending on how thick the clay was rolled out.

Hold baby’s hand and foot and gently but firmly push into the clay for a few seconds. Keep the print covered with plastic or a damp cloth for about the first 24 hours of drying. Once the surface becomes leathery hard, uncover the clay for a bit more drying time. Never allow the clay to dry in direct sunlight, near a vent, or close to another heat source. You should allow the clay to dry naturally in a cool part of the home.

Finish off the prints with the glaze for a polished look. You can use the straw to create a hole to tie a ribbon through or simply display it on the easels provided. I personally used the ribbon to hang as an ornament. It is my favorite ornament on our Christmas tree!

The best part about this particular method is that you can roll out the clay again if you make a mistake. Unfortunately, you do not get endless tries since the clay will likely dry out, but you can fit in a couple of re-dos. 

One thing to note: reviewers said the wooden rolling pin that comes with the Proud Baby Deluxe Clay kit was small and not ideal for getting a smooth surface. Most said a regular rolling pin worked great! 

This kit is best for newborn babies up to 2 years of age. 

KeaBabies Handprint Footprint Keepsake Kit 

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit - Baby Footprint Kit - Baby Keepsake - Baby Shower Gifts for Mom - Baby Picture Frame for Baby Registry Boys,Girls (Alpine White)

If you loved the KeaBabies hand and footprint ornament set, then you need the Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Kit.

Instead of two ornaments, this set features a wooden frame with two slots for your little one’s photos. The frame comes with a glass cover to protect the prints for years and years to come. 

Like its ornament set, KeaBabies uses non-toxic, food-grade clay that is safe for newborns. Simply roll out the clay using the included wooden rolling pin. Make sure the clay has spread evenly to the corners of the opening, then imprint your baby’s hand and foot while leaving room for the frame divider.

It is best to wait at least 4 days to let the clay completely dry before framing, according to instructions.

The KeaBabies Keepsake Kit also includes gold paint, a paintbrush, and alphabet letter accessories to add extra personalization.

This is the perfect addition to the nursery!

KeaBabies Handprint and Footprint Ornament Kit 

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit - Personalized Baby Foot Printing Kit for Newborn - Baby Footprint Kit for Toddlers - Baby Keepsake Handprint Kit - Baby Handprint Ornament Maker (Gold Paint)

Similar to the Proud Baby Deluxe Kit above, the KeaBabies Handprint and Footprint Ornament Kit is just as easy to use and comes with a few extra touches to make it that much more special. 

The KeaBabies kit includes clay, a rolling pin, plastic round stencils, easels, and ribbons. It also includes gold paint, a paintbrush, and letters and numbers to personalize the ornaments. The plastic rings have a diameter of 4.1 inches and a width of 0.55 inches.

The clay is food grade and safe for newborns. To make the impressions, roll out the clay slowly and patiently to make sure it does not contain wrinkles or cracks. KeaBabies recommends keeping a small portion of the clay in an air-tight container to patch up cracks later if needed.

When adding baby’s name and/or date, KeaBabies recommends lining up the letters and numbers prior to working with the clay. That will save you time and ensures the clay with not prematurely dry before adding the personal touches. 

You can use the paintbrush and gold paint to either paint baby’s hand and footprints or the surrounding surface to make sure the prints really pop. Reviewers said at least two coats of paint are needed.

KeaBabies says the clay must be completely dry before painting and framing. KeaBabies estimates the drying process will take four days. However, some users said it took up to 6 to 7 days for the clay to fully dry. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time if you plan on gifting the ornament or keepsake. 

Darice Precious Impressions Memory Mold Infant Kit

The Darice Precious Impressions Memory Mold Infant Kit takes your baby’s prints up a notch by helping you create 3D molds of your little one’s hands and feet. 

Making the molds takes patience and a bit of time, but the results are well worth it. Making the Darice Precious Impressions Memory Mold Infant Kit is a two-fold process: creating the mold, then filling the molds in with plaster.

Reviewers recommended dipping baby’s hand and foot into the mold mixture once he or she is asleep or drowsy. That way, fingers, and toes do not wiggle too much. Also, it is best to have another set of adult hands to help hold baby, while you maneuver the molding cups. 

Once the molds are created, fill them up with the plaster mixture. Make sure the molds of the feet and hands have toes and fingers pointing downward so that the plaster makes its way into all the nooks and crannies. 

Be sure to wait the full drying time before pulling the molded sculpture out. Users were blown away by the detail of their finished molds – every wrinkle and nail was captured!

This set does not include a mounting plaque or other mounting materials. 

LOLLICUBS Deluxe Size Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

Deluxe Size Baby Hand and Footprint Kit - 16 x 9 inches Baby Picture Frame Kit | Non Toxic No Bake Clay Keepsake Frame - Baby Shower Present | Newborn Baby Gift | Twin Babies | 600 Grams of Clay

Expecting twins? Then the LOLLICUBS Deluxe Size Baby Hand and Footprint Kit is the perfect choice for your family! You can display both of their precious prints and photos in one frame.

The deluxe size kit includes 600 grams of safe, non-toxic clay – that’s twice the amount of clay included in other clay keepsake frame kits. This ensures you will have plenty of material to capture both babies’ prints, including several mess-ups!

The 16 inches by 9 inches frame comes with two photo inserts and frame dividers in white, blue, and pink, making it a great gender-neutral gift. The frame can be mounted on the wall or stand-alone.

Luna Bean Infant Plaster Statue Casting Keepsake Kit 

Luna Bean Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit - Plaster Hand Molding Casting Kit for Infant Hand & Foot Molding - Baby Casting Kit for First Birthday, Christmas & Newborn Gifts - (Clear Sealant - Gloss)

Many parents love the Luna Bean Infant Plaster Statue Casting Keepsake Kit to capture and remember just how tiny their newborns were!

The Luna Bean set includes two bags of molding powder, two bags of casting stone, one reusable molding container, mixing spoon, paintbrush, acrylic pearl finish, sandpaper, detailing pin, and easy-to-follow instructions. 

The molding material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The packaging states baby is involved in creating the molds for less than two minutes.

Here are some pro tips to make the process easier for parents who’ve successfully made and love their keepsakes!

  • Have everything you will need prepped and laid out ahead of time. The plaster dries rather quickly, giving you a small window to capture the perfect mold.
  • Have another adult help in the process. It will be much easier for you and baby with another pair of hands.
  • Make sure baby is in deep sleep or have a helper distract your little one when trying to make the molds.
  • The directions call for mixing the plaster powder with cool water, but most users said warm water yielded the same results and did not upset or startle baby. 

The process may seem messy and tedious, but the results are well worth it! You’ll cherish the 3D prints forever!

Baby Handprint Kit by Little Hippo

Little Hippo Baby Hand and Footprint Kit - Non-Toxic Clay Baby Picture Frame | Baby Handprint Ornament Kit for Baby Keepsake Box and Baby Photo Frames, Newborn Christmas Gift

The Baby Handprint Kit by Little Hippo is another great option to display your little one’s prints in a keepsake frame.

The Little Hippo set includes a 14.5″ by 9″ frame with openings for four adorable photos and a large centerpiece for the clay impressions. The frame includes extra thick acrylic safety glass to protect the prints. 

The kit comes with three packs of non-toxic clay. The clay is white and dirt, lint, and any other blemishes will be clearly visible. It is best to knead the clay with your hands instead of working it on a surface. After kneading the clay for three minutes, transfer the clay to the center of the frame’s backboard to roll it out.

The clay will stay soft for a while, so you don’t need to rush in capturing your baby’s hand and footprint. Drying time for the clay can take up to four days. Do not place the imprinted clay in the frame until it is completely dry.

Handprint and Footprint Kits Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

FAQs – Baby Hand and Footprint Kits

What methods and options are there to capture my baby’s hand and footprint?

There are three basic methods to make prints of your little one’s hands and feet: clay, ink, and plaster molds. 

When choosing which method is right for you and your baby, consider how much of a mess you are willing to make, if you will have help, how you want to display the prints, how old your child is, etc. Many of the clay ornaments and framed keepsakes work best for newborn and infant hands and feet, rather than an older child.

You can make clay, ink, and plaster molds with newborns. All the options included in our list are made with non-toxic materials that are safe to use from birth. It comes down to personal preference. If you would rather not clean ink or plaster from your newborn’s hands and feet, then the clay imprints or the no-contact, clean-touch ink pad options would be best.

If you don’t mind making a bit of a mess, the plaster casts are very realistic and parents give rave reviews. 

The clay imprints are adorable as ornaments to hang on a Christmas tree, but if you would rather display the prints all year round, the framed impressions or plaster molds are the way to go!

How can I get my baby’s hand and footprint better?

Getting baby hand and footprints can be a bit tricky. Newborns can be very wiggly, and they often clench their fists because of a neurologic reflex called the palmar grasp. Babies also clench their fists when they are hungry.

Here are some tips to capture the perfect prints of little fingers and toes:

  • Be sure babies are fed and relaxed before trying to grab their prints. It is also helpful if they are sleepy or in a deep sleep. The first few days and weeks of life are a great time to capture impressions since babies are naturally more sleepy. 
  • Consider spending a few minutes massaging baby’s palm and sole to help him or her relax. Gently pressing down on baby’s knuckles can also help draw out fingers long enough to get an imprint.
  • Have a helper or multiple! You won’t have enough hands to maneuver the baby, the clay/paper/mold, and the clean-up. It is ideal to have one person hold the baby, one person to get baby’s hands flat and another to hold the print material in place.
  • Do a run-through. Practice getting baby’s hands flat to get him or her more comfortable and for you to find the best position.
  • Use two hands to spread a baby’s hand flat. Lay the palm down first, followed by the fingers. Make sure you press each finger into the clay or paper to make sure you record every detail!
  • When capturing footprints, make sure baby is not lying or sitting down with feet out in front of them. You should hold the baby up as if they’re standing. Push down from heel to toe into the clay or paper for best results.
  • If you are trying to get an ink footprint of an older baby and you are going at it alone, try placing the child in a high chair. Their legs are dangling, so you will get a similar effect of them standing without having to hold baby up. This frees up your hands to get the paper in place. It could also help contain the mess, so that inky footprints aren’t crawling or walking all over the floor!

If you choose the clay method, remember that you can re-roll the clay and redo a print in case of mistakes.

Why do hospitals take footprints of babies?

If you decide to capture prints of your babies, footprints specifically, it most likely will not be their first time getting the impressions done. Many hospitals take footprints of babies moments after birth.

The reason why footprints are captured is a fascinating one. According to UCHealth.org, hospitals recorded newborn footprints, along with a mother’s fingerprints, to help prevent mix-ups in hospital nurseries. The practice began around 1960, and the prints became part of the hospital’s records as a requirement by states. 

Newborn footprints were much easier to capture than a newborn’s clenched handprint, the article stated.

Nowadays, many hospitals capture footprints as keepsakes for parents. 

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children still recommends that hospitals capture a baby’s footprints within two hours of birth as an extra safety precaution. According to a 2016 survey done by the center, about 90 percent of hospitals still do capture footprints through traditional ink-and-paper methods. 


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